'īmuposs adj pronyour (sg.) person or thing; a person or thing of yours; your doing something.As part of a substantive phrase, 'īmu occurs pre-noun or pre-gerund. For post-noun or post-gerund possessive pronoun, see mu 1a, nīmu 1a.Kung 'indi' ma'ūbus bakay 'ang 'utanun nang 'īmu manga kalāpit, 'īmu na 'ini 'ilībud sa 'iban.If the vegetables will not be consumed by being bought by your neighbors, peddle them to others.'Indi' na lang 'aku magbakay nang 'īmu sīhi'.I will no longer buy your shells.cfmu mu mu mu nīmu nīmu nīmu nīmu poss cmt pronSomeone or something is yours (sg.).Precedes a gerund.Kung tāpus mu na ning hālu' 'ang sarsa sa lusung, kag ma'āyu da 'ang 'īmu na pagkahālu' 'īmu naman tilawan kung tāma' lang 'ang timpla.If the salsa is already mixed by you in the mortar, and your mixing is already thorough, [it] should be tasted by you [to see] if the flavor is right.cfmu nīmu gen pronSomething is done by you (sg.).Occurs in predicate position with possessed item as sentence topic.gen pronOccurs in pre-verb position as a non-topic pronoun. For the pronoun occurring after the verb, see mu.Ma'āyu kung 'adtu 'ang dūta' nga 'īmu nabakay hay bukun 'amurūsu sa buhis.It is good if, as for the land that was able to be bought by you, there are no owing taxes [on it].cfmu nīmu sa 'īmuloc pronSomeone does something for us (sg.), from us (sg.), to you (sg.); someone does something or is in a particular place or state with you (sg.).'I'isplikar ku na lang sa 'īmu pāra nga mabati'an mu 'adtu 'ang ginatawag nga manga linggwāhi.[It] will just be explained by me to you so that those which are called dialects will be able to be heard by you.Nyan yāri 'aku sa 'īmu kay gustu ku nga 'ikaw 'ang ma'a'asāwa ku.Now I am here with you because I want you to really be able to become my spouse.

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