hākupvSomeone or something is restrained by someone else to prevent escape.ginahākup'Indi' siya makahalinhalin kay ginahākup lang siya kung gustu siya maghalin.He could not get away because he was being restrained by the giant whenever he wanted to leave.hakūpunKung 'īmu naman 'ina' hakūpun hay gapisikpisik lang gid; gāni' 'īmu naman 'ina' pislitun 'ang 'iya 'ūyu pāra 'indi' na siya makaluksu sa pilit'an.If they (i.e., shrimp) will be restrained by you they will just escape; so their heads should be pressed down on by you so that they will [die and] no longer be able to jump out of the container.

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