tangwayvSomeone buys an alcoholic drink.cfbakay2mabakyanpantīngi', pangtīngi'tingi''itangway'Ang 'iba kung gustu mag'inum kag waya' kwarta, nagabaligya' sinda ning niyug kag 'ang binta 'itangway nay tuba'.Some, if [they] like to drink [liquor] and there is no money, they sell coconuts and the sales money will be used for buying coconut wine.ginatangwayGinatangway 'ang kwarta kag ginasugay; kung magda'ug 'imaw na 'ang pag'abūnu.The money was being used for buying [liquor] and for gambling; when [he] would win that was then the time of the repayment.katatangwayabl gersomeone's being able to buy liquorMay tāwu nga kung ma'ūbus na 'ang 'inda kwarta katatangway, bīsan tūdu na 'ang kabayung, mangungūtang pa gid sa tindāhan ning 'inūmun.There are people who, when their money is all gone in being able to buy [liquor], in spite of [their] drunkenness, [they] still incur debts at the store for intoxicating drinks.cfbakay2tingi'nagtangwayvMoney is used by someone for buying an alcoholic drink.Nagtangway si 'Inrīku ning 'isa ka galun nga lambanug.Enrico bought one gallon of sugarcane wine.

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