parīhuvarparīhasadjTwo things or people are alike, the same in shape, appearance, character, value appreciation.Parīhu da gali' kita ning nagustuhan nga pagkā'un.We were just the same in the food that was liked by us.adjmakaparīhu'Aba 'ang 'īmu kagwāpa! Waya' nay makaparīhu sa 'īmu.Oh your beauty! Nobody is able to compare with you.nagaparīhu'Ang nagakā'un ning 'alimāngu kung nagapanamkun, nagaparīhu 'ang kurti nang lāwas nang 'unga' sa 'alimāngu nga kinā'un nang nanay nang siya nagpanamkun.As for one who eats a crab when [she] is experiencing pregnancy cravings, when she gives birth the shape of the body of the child has the same appearance as the crab which the mother ate.parīhu sa1varparīhu nang, parīhu nang sa, parīhu ning1prepSomeone, something, an action or state is the same as, like, similar to someone or something else, another action or state.Kung 'ikaw magbakay sa butīka 'ang prisyu hay parīhu nang sa kay Rusa.If you buy at the drugstore, the price is the same as [the price] at Rosa's.'Ang rilihiyun nang Sabadista hay lābut man sa Katuliku kay 'ang Sabadista 'ang 'adlaw nga 'inda 'inugsimba hay 'adlaw nang Sabadu, bukun Duminggu nga parīhas sa katuliku.The religion of Seventh Day Adventists is surely different from the [religion of] Catholics because as for Seventh Day Adventist, the day for going to church is on a Saturday, not Sunday like [the day for going to church of] Catholics.'Ang manga kanta nga ginakanta nang 'ūna, hay parīhas nang kanta Nang Tāwu nga Bayung.As for those songs which were sung in the past, they are like the song [entitled] The Drunkard.Kung 'ang 'itlug hay naglākut 'ang langitlangit sa dawadawa kag 'igwa ning mapuya nga parīhu ning dugu', nagapakilāya kunu nga 'ang sakit hay grābi.If, as for an egg, the white of the egg is mixed into the egg yoke, and if there is a red [substance] which is similar to blood, it shows that the sickness is serious.2vSomeone or something compares with or has the same appearance as someone or something else.parīhu, parīhu 'ābi1prepthings such as itemized objects; like, for exampleButangan mu 'ang lāta ning ma'isut nga būhu' nga 'adtu 'ang ma'īgu' lang 'ang sinsilyu nga kwarta, parīhu nang dyis, baynti singku, salapi', kag pīsu.[The lid of] a tin can should have a little hole put into [it] by you so that coins of money will just fit through, such as ten centavos, twenty-five centavos, fifty centavos, and one peso.Parīhu 'ābi 'inang may 'unga' nga nagkursu, 'imbis nga pa'inumun ning buyung sa kursu, hay day'un sa miyughilut kag 'ipahīlut kay 'ang hambay nang miyughilut hay nalu'at kunu.Like, for example, there was a child who suffered with diarrhea, instead of letting him drink diarrhea medicine, he would be taken to a massage therapist and would be allowed to be massaged because the massage therapist said he experienced a slight sprain.2adjSomething is delicious to the taste.Bayuhun mu naman 'ini liwat hasta gid nga mahālu' ma'āyu pāra 'ang sabur hay parīhu.[The shrimp and coconut meat mixture] should be pounded again by you until they are mixed well so that the flavor is delicious.pariparīhuadjTwo events or states are equal.Pāra kunu pariparīhu 'ang pagsinundānan nang mag'asawa, hay kung sinda magluhud kag magpungku' sa 'atubāngan nang 'altar mintras sinda ginakasay hay dungan sinda pirmi.In order that the companionship of the couple is equal, when they kneel or sit in front of the altar while they have their wedding they should always do it together.

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