tābasvSomeone cuts out a piece of cloth, paper, an item of clothing.gingtābas1gercloth's or paper's being cut out by someone in a pattern for a dress, another piece of clothingGingtābas ku 'ang nu'ug kay gingtahi' ku nga sāya.The cloth was cut out by me because it was sewn by me into a skirt.Pag'abut ku nga halin sa Rumblun, tinunā'an ku na ning tābas 'ang 'iya tīla nga pangkasay.After my arrival coming from Romblon, her cloth for the wedding was begun being cut out by me.2ncut-out cloth to be sewn into an item of clothingnagtābasvCloth, paper, an item of clothing is cut out by someone.Si Linlin 'ang nagtābas nang bāru' nga pangkasay ni Ludya.Linlin was the one who cut out the gown for Lucia's wedding.Scissors gunting are used for cutting out cloth or paper.tinābasna remnant cloth; a scrap remaining from cutting out cloth for making clothing'Ang manga tinābas, hay ginatambitambi kag ginahuman nga punda nang 'uyūnan.As for remnant cloths, [they] are all joined together and made into a pillowcase for a pillow.cfritāsu

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