'ayung'āyungvSomeone experiences symptoms of poisoning.ma'ayung'āyungKung bukun ma'āyu 'ang pagkabinipisyar, kung 'īmu 'ini lutū'un kag 'īmu 'ini ka'ūnun 'ikaw hay ma'ayung'āyung.When the way of preserving is not done well, when these will be cooked by you and will be eaten by you, you will experience severe symptoms of poisoning.Antidote: honey dugus or sugar 'asūkar.na'a'ayung'āyung'Ina' 'ang na'a'ayung'āyung, 'ang 'īmu 'ina' ginapamatyagan, hay nagalā'in 'ang 'īmu ginhāwa kag nagasūka.One who truly experiences severe symptoms of poisoning, as for that felt by one, [it] becomes bad and [one] vomits.

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