bati'vA person or animal hears a sound, as a voice, conversation, song, cry of an animal or bird, a sound of nature; something that produces sound, as a church bell, footsteps.The root bati' is inflected with an abilitative, actor focus affix to indicate the simple form of the verb 'hears'. 'Hearing' is beyond the conscious control of the hearer, therefore 'ability' is embedded in the meaning of 'hear'; abilitative affixes mark agreement with this semantic feature. The words 'able to' are not usually required in the English gloss of simple forms. Ability is formally marked by the stem pamāti' inflected by abilitative, actor focus affixes 'able to hear'.cfbanawbanāwabati'bati', ginbati'bati'With a negative the meaning is 'does not hear from any source.''Ang bati'bāti' ku dira' sa 'ilāwud nga 'ini 'ang ginta'u sa 'ākun nga dūta', hay ginabalākan nga 'inda bawī'un.These things heard from various sources in the shore area by me was that, as for this land holding which was given to me, they are planning that they will take it back.Ginbati'bāti' nāmun nga 'igwa may nagdunggu' nga 'isda' didtu sa 'Īpil.We heard from various sources that there are fish which went near the shore in Ipil.bati'bati'a, ginabati'bati'aWaya' ni Nīna bati'batī'a kung di'in na 'ang 'iya nanay.Nothing is heard from any source by Nena as to where her mother is now.'Ang manga būruy nga tāwu, hay waya' ginabati'batī'a nga mag'asinsu sinda.As for uneducated people, nothing is heard from any source that they will become successful.binatī'anagf recip vTwo or more hear each other or hear something from each other.ginapabati'bati'Si 'Arnuld ginapabati'bati' ni Nistur nga kung may matabu' nga malā'in sa 'ākun gumangkun, 'igwa gid diri makatilaw ning sumbag.Nestor is allowing Arnold to overhear that if there is something bad that will happen to my niece, someone here will suffer a punch.ginapamati'anSayud mu waya' ka pa diri nagapamati' 'aku sa radyu kay ginapamati'an ku 'ang balīta' tungud didtu sa bulkan nga naglupuk na.You know that [when] you were not yet here, I was listening to the radio because the news about the volcano which had already erupted was being listened to by me.ginapamati'iFollows a negative.'Inang manga ginalaygay sa 'ākun nang 'ākun nanay, hay waya' ku 'itun ginapamati'i.As for those words of advice to me by my mother, these are not being listened to by me.ginapinabati'bati''Ang balīta' ni Nūra kay 'Anti Kuntying nga ginapinabati'bati' gāni' siya ni Marīsa nga siya hay matāmad.Nora told Aunt Conching that Marissa keeps on allowing her (i.e., Nora) to overhear that she (i.e., Nora) is lazy.ginapinamatī'anGinapinamatī'an lang gid ni Lurīta 'ang ginangūyab sa 'iya nang 'iya nanay.Her mother's scolding of her keeps on being listened to by Loreta.ginpabati'bati'Ginpabati'bati' si Nansi ning manga malā'in nga manga hambayānun hasta nga mag'īnit 'ang 'iya 'ūyu.Nancy was allowed to overhear those bad words until her head became hot (i.e., became angry).ginpamati'an, pinamatī'anGinpamati'an ku 'ina' niyan ma'āyu kay daw 'igwa gid 'aku may nababati'an nga gahinambay sa 'idāyum nang bayay.That was now all carefully listened to by me because it seems there was really [someone] who was able to be clearly heard by me who keeps on talking under the house.Pinamatī'an nang Dyus sa lāngit 'ang 'ātun pangamūyu' nga kita hay paday'an ning magabūlig sa 'ātun.Our prayers that we would be sent someone to help us were all listened to by God in heaven.handa' sa pagpamāti'vready or prepared to listenkabati'Used with a negative.'Indi' 'aku kabati' nang 'īmu būsis; palapit 'ānay diri sa 'ākun.I am not able to hear your voice; please come near here to'abtik sa pamāti'veasy or quick to hear because the sound is clearmababati'anMababati'an 'ang 'ākun tīkang nang tāwu, nga 'aku hay pa'abūtun.My footsteps will surely be heard (or will be clearly heard) by the people, that I am coming.mabati'anKung 'igwa kita ning mabati'an nga hambay nga masanting hay nagatanum nga dā'an sa 'ātun ning 'īsip.If there are offensive words that will be heard by us they immediately become established in our minds.magabinatī'anPalapit 'ānay diri sa 'ākun 'agud magabinatī'an kita nga duha nang 'ātun 'isturya.Please come near here to me so that we two will hear our stories from each other.magbinati'ānanvSomething is heard from various sources by someone or something.'Indi' na magbinati'ānan sa suyud nang 'iskwilahan 'ang manga 'iskwīla kay 'ang labūnuk nang 'uyan sa bubung nga sim hay kakusugkūsug.The students no longer hear each other inside the school because the roar of the rain on the tin roof is very strong.magpamati'1imper vListen to something! Someone must or should listen to something!Maghīpus ka lang gid kag magpamati' kung sin'u 'ang tāma' kag kung sin'u 'ang sala'.You (sg.) be very quiet and listen to who is right and who is wrong.magpamati'2'Indi' na magpamati' 'ang manga 'iskwīla sa ma'istra kay hāpun na.The students no longer listen to the teacher because it is now late afternoon.magpamati'3infto listen to something'Intirisādu si Sunya magpamati' sa hambay nang duktur kay nakakata'u ning ma'āyu nga 'ihimplu 'ang 'iya 'isplikasyun.Sonia was interested to listen to what the doctor said because his explanation was really able to provide a good example.makabati'Makabati' lang gid 'ang 'ākun 'āyam ning kāyas sa kalinghutan ginakadtu niya kag 'ayukun.[Whenever] my dog happens to hear a hissing sound in a rank vegetation area it is approached by it and barked at.makakabati'Makakabati' ka na lang ning syaksyak nang 'isiw sa 'ibābaw kung kumkum na nang kuku nang banug 'ang 'isiw.You can clearly hear the peeping sound of the chick above when the talons of the hawk grip the chick.makapamāti'Kung kumadtu ka sa simbāhan kag pagkatāpus hay 'indi' ka da makapamāti' sa mīsa waya' ning puyus.If you go to church and afterwards you are not able to hear mass, there is no use.malūya sa pamāti'vslow in hearing because the sound is unclearmamāti'This form is analyzed as follows: ma-+ pamāti' = mamāti'.Mamāti' kita ma'āyu pāra makasāyud kita kung 'anu 'ang ginahambay ni Hīlin.We will listen carefully so that we will be able to know what Helen is saying.nababati'anMay nababati'an si Diring nga hūni nga halin sa 'ibābaw.There was a noise from above which was able to be clearly heard by Dereng.nabati'anNabati'an ni Magbayūtu 'ang singgit ni Marya nga ginapabālik na siya sa bayay.The call of Maria was heard by Magbayoto in which she was letting him return to the house.nagapabati'bati''Ang hambay gid ni Rusa, "Dyima, bāsi' hay nagapabati'bati' ka dira' sa 'ākun ning kalā'in nga hambay?"Rosa said, "Gemma, why are you there allowing me to overhear bad words?"nagapamati''Ining pang'upat nga 'unga' ni Karlus hay nagapamati' gid ma'āyu sa ginahambay nang 'iya lūlu.This fourth child of Carlos is carefully listening to what is being said by his grandfather.nagapinabati'bati'vSomeone is allowed to overhear something by someone else.Kung 'amat hay nagapinabati'bati' si Bīni nga "'Indi' gid madūgay 'igwa 'aku ning pakangun nang 'ining trangka nang bintāna'."From time to time Benny keeps on allowing [someone] to overhear that, "[It] will not be long [until] there is someone I will strike with this window bar."nagapinamāti', magpinamāti'Si Santus hay gapinamāti' nang diskusyun nina Mama kag ni Papa.Santos keeps on listening to the discussion of Mother and Father.Nagahinīpus lang 'ina' si Dūdung kag magpinamāti' sa 'iya tatay.Dodong keeps on being quiet and keeps on listening to his father.nagpamati'When only a prefix and the infix -in- inflect the stem pamati', length occurs on the second vowel of the stem; if -in- and a suffix inflect the stem, with or without a prefix, length occurs on the last vowel of the stem.'Ang tanan nga manga 'unga' nagpamati' ning ma'āyu sa 'inda ma'istru.All of the children carefully listened to their teacher.nagpinabati'bati'Nagpinabati'bati' sina Lītu kay Rīki nga gustu ninda magharāna.Lito and others kept on allowing Ricky to overhear that they wanted to go serenading.nagpinamāti', pinamāti'Nagpinamāti' 'ānay 'aku kung sin'u 'ang nagakayas ning gitāra.I kept on listening [to find out] who was the one strumming the guitar.'Ang 'unga' sīgi lang 'ang pinamāti' sa sunāta.The child just kept on listening to the music.nakabati''Isa ka 'adlaw nakabati' 'ining manga 'unga' ning bagting nang simbāhan.One day these children happened to hear the church bell.nakakabati''Ang 'ākun mata nagapīyung pīru 'ang 'ākun talīnga hay nakakabati' pa.As for my eyes [they] are closed but as for my ears [they] can surely still hear.nakapamāti'1'Ang tāwu nga nakapamāti' ning ma'āyu nga balīta' hay malīpay.The people who were able to hear good news were happy.nakapamāti'2Nakapamāti' kunta' kita ning mīting kahāpun kung waya' mag'uyan.Probably we would have been able to hear the meeting yesterday if it had not rained.pabati'bati'caus vSomeone allows someone else to overhear something.pagkabati'1ti gerafter or upon someone's or something's hearing someone or something elsePagkabati' nang 'āmun 'inirgūhan hay humalin si Lusit sa 'iya pagkā'un kay nahāngit siya.After hearing our conversation, Lucit left [her] eating because she was angry.2vA voice, conversation, song, cry of an animal or bird, a sound of nature; something that produces sound, as an animal or person, a church bell is heard by someone or something.With actor focus affixes, ability ('able to hear') is formally signaled as distinct from the simple forms ('hears') by replacing the root bati' by the stem pamāti' (see above). This distinction does not occur with affixes which focus on that heard. The root bati' is inflected by abilitative affixes to indicate either declarative or abilitative mood.pagpamāti'mn vthe way of someone's hearing somethingKapinawpīnaw 'ang pagpamāti' ni Sāli sa būsis nang tāwu.The way Sally's hearing the voice of the person is very faint sounding.pagpamāti', pamāti'1gersomeone's listening, to listenWhen the stem pamati' or the stem with the prefix pag- occurs as a gerund, there is length on the second to last stem vowel.Kung 'ikaw hay malūya sa pamāti' waya' ka na parti sa pagkā'un.If you are slow in listening, you have no share in eating.Lūlu Talyu, tunā'i na 'ang 'īmu 'isturya, kay handa' na kami sa pagpamāti'.Grandfather Talyo, begin your story now, because we are now ready to listen.2vSomething is used by someone for listening.pamati', pamāti'1vSomeone listens to advice, a conversation, song, a voice, cry of an animal or bird, a sound of nature; something that produces sound, as an animal or person, a radio.Stems pamati' (paN- + bati') and pamāti' (paN- + bāti') are variously inflected to signal the meaning 'listen'. Their distribution when inflected by various affixes or affix combinations is indicated below.pamāti'1vA voice, conversation, song, cry of an animal or bird, a sound of nature; something that produces sound, as an animal or person, a church bell is heard or listened to by someone or something.'Ang 'ākun ning pamāti' yadtu sa kay Nistur kag kay Tatay nga naga'isturya sa kusīna.That which is used by me for listening (i.e., my ears) are there with Nestor and Father who are having a conversation in the kitchen.pamatī'anPamatī'an ku naman 'ang parti nang kay Mistir Martīnis.The topic of Mister Martinez will be listened to by me.pamatī'iimper vSomeone or something must, or should be listened to!'Aku 'ānay 'ang pamatī'i nindu kay kwarta nāmun 'adtu, bukun kwarta nindu!I should be the one listened to by you because that is our money, not your money!

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