'aslumvA food has some other food stewed into it.'inaslumanna sour stewMade with various vegetables such as sweet potato greens 'usbud nang kamūti and squash kyabāsa with fish, pork or beef, lime juice duga' nang larangha and spices.cfkaldirītakaldirītatinūya1tinūya2gina'asluman'Ini 'ang 'unud nang sīhi' nga bug'ātan hay ginakā'un; ginagat'an; ginagisa; ginahālu' sa pansit; gina'asluman sinda nang manga 'usbud.As for the meat of these scallop-like bittersweet mollusks, [it] is eaten; it is cooked in coconut milk extract; it is sautéed; it is mixed into noodles, they have sweet potato vines stewed into [them].ma'aslumadjsour, as lime juice duga' nang larangha, santol fruit santuy, bignay fruit, vinegar sūka''Ang 'iya 'unud, hay ginakā'un; 'ang sabur nang 'iya 'unud hay midyu ma'aslum.As for its meat (i.e., of a trumpet shell), [it] is eaten; the taste is somewhat sour.

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