'ūtanna coconut flavored vegetable; i.e., an unripe fruit or vegetable cooked in coconut milk extract gata'Bāwal 'ang magkā'un ning 'ūtan nga langka' nga may lakut nga lumbay kay 'ini kunu hay nagapahubas ning gātas nang nanay nga bag'ung 'unga'.It is forbidden to eat coconut flavored jackfruit which is mixed with lumbay leaves because they say these leaves cause the milk of the mother who has newly given birth to be reduced.cfgat'anvA vegetable is cooked in coconut milk extract gata' by someone.'utanunna vegetableGinalakut sa 'ūtan, 'ābir 'anu lang nga manga 'utanun nga ginakā'un nang manga tāwu.[These mollusks] are mixed with all [kinds of] vegetables which are eaten by people.syngūlay'utānun'Ang 'utānun buwas ni Nanay, hay gābi.That which will be cooked in coconut milk extract by Mother tomorrow is taro [leaves and rootstock].

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