pripararvSomeone prepares something for'alistuhunginahanda'ipripararPagkatāpus mu ning kāyus, ipriparar 'ang kayāha' nga lutū'an nang balitsaw.Upon your completion of grating [the coconut], the frying pan should be prepared in which [someone] has salted fish delicacy cooked [for her or him].makapripararvSomething is prepared for use by someone.Nagpamuhun kami kay 'Arnuld na kung puydi hay ma'ūli' na kami pāra makapriparar kami kung 'anu 'ang himū'un nāmun sa 'āmun bayay.We asked permission from Arnold if we could go [home] in order that we would be able to prepare for what would be done by us to our house.mapripararMapriparar sinda ning bāyun nga day'un sa langūyan.They will prepare a carried lunch which will be brought to the swimming place.nagpripararNagpriparar sinda sa pagbu'uy nang nu'ug nāmun sa 'aparadur.They prepared to get our clothes from the clothes closet.pagpriparargersomeone's preparing of somethingSari'sāri' pa nga kahinangyānun nga pāra pagpriparar.There are many different things needed which are for preparing [for a typhoon].cf'alistu handa'

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