yadtuvaryadtu didtudem advSomeone or something is there; i.e., a location out of sight of, or far from the speaker in place, prior reference or time.Yadtu or yadtu didtu occurs most commonly as predicate of a sentence; didtu occurs most commonly in the place margin of a sentence.Hambay ku, "Bay'ilang! Hay pagka'āga na pagkaMartis nang 'āga bālik naman kami 'ina' sa bayay, didtu kana Manung Leony kay didtu gida kami gatinir kung yadtu kami sa Mindoro."I said, "Never mind! When it is already morning on Tuesday morning we will return again to that house there of older brother Leony because there certainly we will stay if we are there in Mindoro."Si Marta hay yadtu didtu naga'istar sa 'alipukpuk.As for Martha, [it] is there on the [mountain] peak that [she] lives.cfdidtuThe locative pronoun yadtu 'there far' commonly refers to a position out of sight of, or at least far from, both the speaker and hearer. Yāra' sometimes refers to a position near the hearer but not the speaker; however, it commonly refers to any position not near the speaker. Yāri designates a position near the speaker.

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