pa2det/prepto or towards a given location or placeNang kami hay galībut pa banwa, na'una 'ang San Pidru sa simbāhan.When we were going around towards town, the saint Peter [image] was the one that was the first to be in the church.Kung 'ikaw hay malarga, mabālik na lang 'aku pa Manīla'.If you leave, I will just go back to Manila.det/preppa-2gerprefIndicates movement towards a person, place or thing.Commonly followed by a sa phrase.Patuyūga lang 'ānay si Nīna kay day'un ku pakadtu sa banwa 'ina' niyan!Please, Nena should just be allowed to sleep because [she] will soon be brought by me going to town!Nagsakay naman 'aku liwat sa traysikul, pabālik sa bayay.I rode again then on a motorized pedicab, returning to the house.

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