baybaynan ocean beach'Ang 'āmun ka'unan hay sa baybay kung kami nagalanguy.Our eating place is on the beach when we'alīhidbi'bi'kantupatakas pīliwpīliwtākastūnga'tunga'tūnga'n'alīhid nang baybay1nthe dry edge of a beach'Ang 'iba naman hay nagapamasyar sa 'alīhid nang baybay pāra nga 'ang 'inda huna'hūna' hay mapakadtu naman sa 'iba nga bāgay nga 'inda nakikīta' sa dāgat.Some people roam around the edge of the beach so that their thoughts will really go to other things which are able to be seen by them in the ocean.2nocean or river sandKung masapya nga haphapun 'ang hambay nang miyugbūyung hay baybay kunu 'ang nabu'uy.If [the medicine concoction] is rough to feel around for, the herbalist says that it was sand that was removed [from the body].River sand is used in making cement. It is measured by the utility can lāta 2a.mabaybayadja sandy place'Ini nga sīhi' hay nagakara' da sa mabaybay nga lugar.As for this shell it stays in sandy areas.

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