gab'i1nevening, night; i.e., any period from about 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.Waya' na kami magdūgay kay manayumsum na 'ang gab'i.We did not take a long time because the night was already early evening.'Ini 'ang kandīla' puydi 'ini nga 'iwag sa bayay kung gab'i pāra nga 'indi' ka na magbakay ning pitrulyu.It is possible for this candle to be a light in the house when [it is] night so that you will not buy kerosene.Magsāyud ka na nang 'adtung tūbi' nang kabūhi' bāgu mag'alas dūsi nang gab'i.You catch that water of life now before it will become twelve o'clock at (lit., of) night.Periods within a night have a possessed (i.e., part-whole) relationship with 'night', beginning about 6 p.m. 'alas sa'is nang gab'i to about one a.m. 'ala 'ūna nang gab'i.meas na nonspecific or specific number of nights; a time measurementNumbers one through ten are commonly followed by ka gab'i; numbers above ten are commonly followed by nga gab'i.Bāli duha lang 'aku ka gab'i kag duha ka 'adlaw ning tinir didtu.I was about two nights and two days staying there.vIt becomes night.'ari nga gab'i1ti advthis evening'Ari nga gab'i, 'imaw 'adtu nga natabu' nga nagpananggut si Lurit.This evening, that was what happened while Loret was collecting coconut wine.2vSomeone is overtaken by night.kagab'i1nlast nightNatuyugtuyug lang baya 'aku ning duha ka 'ūras kagab'i.Maybe I only slept a little bit for two hours last night.maggab'iNaghuyat si Lūpu didtu hasta maggab'i.Lopo waited there until [it] became night.nagab'īhanNagab'īhan si Dilya sa banwa kay waya' ning traysikul.Delya was overtaken by night in town because there was no motorized pedicab.pagkagab'iti gerafter or upon its becoming nightPagkagab'i nang Sabadu, hay nagpang'abut'ābut 'ina' niyan 'ang 'ākun manga hāli.Upon becoming Saturday night, my relatives arrived then one after the other.Simbang Gab'i1pre-Christmas Masstungang gab'i1nmidnight

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