hagba'cfmas mahāba'kahagba'varmahagba'adjSomething is long in linear measurement.Mahāba' 'ang 'iya siki; kahagba' 'ang manga kuku, pati' 'ang 'iya tuka' hay mahāba' kag matalīwis 'ang 'iya punta.The legs [of the barred rail bird] are long; the claws are long, also its beak is long and its end is pointed.'Ang 'iya ning siki hay mahagba' ning kuku.The feet [of a chestnut manikin] has long claws.kahagba'hagba'int adjSomething is very long in linear measurement.'Ang kuku niya hay kahagba'hagba'.The claws [of the bramingkite bird] are very long.cfhāba'

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