sūnugvSomething is burned by a fire.cfdābuk1dābuk1ginadabūkanginsug'anmag'ugdawsuga'1suga'1'ugdaw'ugdawginasūnugGinasūnug 'ānay 'ina' 'ang batu; ginadabūkan hasta magyuta' kag maggiltak pāra mabu'uy.The [marble] stone is burned; a fire is built until [the marble] becomes soft and cracks so that it can be gotten.masūnugDāpat gid buy'un 'ini 'ang sabuysabuy kay kung masūnug 'ang tapāhan.These [coconut] fibers should be remove because it might be that the smoking rack will happen to be burned [if the fibers catch fire].cfdābuk1suga'1'ugdaw

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