laranghana calamansi treeCitrus microcarpadāhun nang larangha1ncalamansi tree leavesLeaves of the calamansi tree dāhun nang larangha are added to things being cooked, such as a salted fish delicacy balitsaw, to give them a pleasant aroma. A handful of calamansi leaves is boiled in about a gallon of water, added to cold water and used for bathing small children with coughs or colds.2na calamansi fruitduga' nang larangha, laranghancalamansi juiceBu'akun 'ang tirik; pagkatāpus kutsarāhun 'ang 'unud kag 'ibutang sa bāsu. Butangan ning larangha kag pwīdi na ka'ūnun.Sea urchins should be broken open; then the meat should be spooned out and put into a glass. [It] has calamansi juice added and its ready to eat.Uses of calamansi juice: with sugar and water as a refreshing drink for snacks; as a flavoring in cooking to give a sour taste in fish salsa sarsa nga 'isda' or stewed fish tinūya; a dip for cured anchovy gamus, dried fish bāyuy, dried sardines tuyu', salted fish 'isda' nga 'inasinan.

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