dāpu'1vBirds alight in a particular place; animals, people, birds, chickens, insects congregate or stay together in a particular place.nagadāpu''Ang dugus hay būnga nang rilasyun nang manga putyūkan kag 'iba pa klāsi nga manga 'alimbubūyug nga nagadāpu' sa manga kabuyākan.Honey is the result of the relationship between honeybees and different kinds of insects that alight on flower beds.May nagadāpu' nga dagku' nga langug; may bilabila, kay 'ini sigūru nga manga 'insiktu, 'imaw 'ini 'ang simbulu nang manga malā'ut.There are some big flies which congregate; there are [also] butterflies because, perhaps, as for these insects, these are a sign of evil spirits.

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