tingi'vSomeone buys rice.cfbakay2katatangwaymabakyantangway'itingi''Ang 'iba naman nga waya' ning 'ikakāya nga 'itingi' ning bugas pāra bubud sa 'inda manuk 'ang 'inda 'ini ginabūbud hay niyug nga ginatuktuk ning pīnu.Some who have nothing which can be used as a resource which could be used for buying rice as feed for their chickens; what they feed is coconut meat chopped into thin [pieces].ginatingi''Ang pinasuhūyan nang 'āmun nanay, 'imaw 'ina' 'ang 'āmun ginatingi' ning bugas, ginabakay 'asin kag pitrulyu.As for [the money] earned by our mother, that is what is used by us for buying rice, [and for] buying salt and kerosene.nagtingi'Nag'inūyan; gāni' diri na lang sinda nagtingi' ning bugas sa būkid.It continually rained; this is the reason they just bought rice here in the rural area.natingi'vMoney is used by someone for buying rice.Waya' siya ning natingi' nga bugas, 'ābir 'isa ka kīlu.He was not able to buy rice, [not] even one kilogram.pantīngi', pangtīngi'pur gerSomething is used for buying rice.'Ang tāwu nga madali' ma'utu'utu', bīsan pantīngi' na ning bugas, 'itatangway pa nya ning tuba'.A person who becomes easily fooled, even though [it] is for buying rice, [it] still will be used by him for repeatedly buying coconut wine.cfbakay2tangway

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