tā'inhuman excrementKung nagaka'uyu 'ang 'unga', naga'ūna siya kay 'ang 'iya 'i hay tubuy.When the child defecates, he bears down because his excrement is hard stools.spectubuycf'īputntā'i muinjyour excrement!An offensive interjection malaw'ay nga hambayānun spoken to someone to indicate anger or extreme displeasure with that person.tinā'inthe intestine of a body'Ang 'iya 'ini ning tinā'i hay waya' 'ini ginaka'ūna kay mapa'it.As for the intestine of this one (i.e., of this mollusk), [it] is not eaten because it is bitter.tinā'i nang kawāyannthe inner surface of bamboosyntiyan nang kawāyancflikud nang kawāyan2tiyan nang kawāyan

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