hāpunnafternoon, i.e., any period from about one p.m. to five p.m.May yāra' nga nagapanamkun nga ginahagkut kāda hāpun.There are some who have pregnancy cravings, who feel cold every afternoon.PagkaLūnis nang hāpun nagsaylu na kami 'ini niyan kana Lu'is, kay didtu kami matūyug.When it was Monday afternoon we transferred at this time to [the house of] Luis and family, because we were going to sleep there.Naka'abut 'aku diri sa bayay 'iksaktu nga 'alas tris na nang hāpun.I was able to reach here at the house at exactly three o'clock in [lit., of]] the afternoon.Periods within an afternoon have a possessed (i.e., part-whole) relationship with 'afternoon', beginning about one p.m. 'ala 'ūna nang hāpun to about five p.m. 'alas singku nang hāpun.'ihāpun1Someone eats supper; a supper meal.hāpun nati nlate afternoon, from about 3:00 p.m. to almost 6:00 p.m.Waya' da si Nīna nakabakay ning balinghuy kay hāpun na.Nena was unable to buy cassava because it was late afternoon.hapunhāpun1nevening twilightNagapandābuk sinda kung hapunhāpun kay 'ang namuk.They build fires when it is evening twilight because of mosquitoes.2v[It] becomes lateka'īna nang hāpun1ti advthis past afternoonBudlay 'aku ka'īna nang hāpun kay nagtrabāhu kita ning tūdu.I was tired this past afternoon because we worked hard.kahāpun1ti advyesterdayNakapamāti' kunta' kita ning mīting kahāpun kung waya' mag'uyan.Probably we would have been able to listen to the meeting yesterday if it had not rained.kasanghāpun1ti advday before yesterdayma'āyu nga hāpun, ma'āyung hāpuninjGood afternoon!'Ang hambay ku, "Ma'āyu nga hāpun"; tapus nagsabat da si Nīna sa 'ākun nga "Dāyun."I said, "Good afternoon"; then Nena answered me, "Come in".maghāpun1nthe whole dayManga tuyu ka 'adlaw buyad, 'uga nga dā'an 'ang niyug basta tudutūdu 'ang sīlak maghāpun.[After] about three days drying, the coconut fruit will be dry then if the sunlight is very strong the whole day.2Ka'ūna 'adtu tanan bāgu maghāpun!Eat all of it before [it] becomes late!naghāpunDūgay ninda ning pangīta' hasta naghāpun hay waya' da gihāpun ninda makīta'.[It] was searched for a long time until [it] became late but [it] was still not found by them.pagkahāpunadvWhen it is afternoon, something happens or a state exists.Hay pagkahāpun naman 'ina', Martis na nang hāpun, nagkadtu kami kana Manang Zenaida kay 'imaw 'ang 'āmun 'inirgūhan.When [it was] afternoon again, that Tuesday afternoon we went to [the house of] older sister Petra and family because we told our stories to each other there.Hambay ku hay sīgi, makara' gāling kami sa hāpun.I said, go ahead for we all will just come in the afternoon.

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