hugasvSomeone washes cooking utensils, food.cfgingkilisanpaglabahinugāsannwashed utensilsSa di'in baya 'ang 'ākun hinugāsan nga pinggan?Where, I wonder, are my washed plates? (lit. my washed utensils that are plates)hugasanSan'u ku baya matāpus 'ang 'ākun hugasan?When, I wonder, will the [utensils] that will be washed by me be able to be finished?nagapanghūgasvCooking or eating utensils are washed by someone.This form indicates that there are several objects washed; with a negative, nothing at all is washed.Pagkatāpus ning tahi' sa maghāpun, waya' na kami nagapanghūgas ning pinggan, 'ang 'iya 'āgaw 'ang nagalūtu' kag nagahūgas nang pinggan.After sewing the whole day, we did not cook and wash any plates; her maid was the one cooking and washing the dishes.panghūgasgersomeone's washing all or many thingsKung tapus na 'aku ning panghūgas, 'ākun na 'itun pakatuyūgun 'ang 'ākun manga 'unga'.When I finish washing all [the dishes], my children will be allowed by me to sleep.Result of washing: clean limpyu.cfkilis laba

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