gisavA food is sautéed by someone.ginagisa'Ini 'ang 'unud nang sīhi' nga bug'ātan hay ginakā'un; ginagat'an; ginagisa; ginahālu' sa pansit; gina'asluman sinda nang manga 'usbud.As for the meat of this scallop-like bittersweet mollusk, [it] is eaten; it is cooked in coconut milk extract; it is sautéed; it is mixed into noodles; they have sweet potato vines stewed into [them].ginisaGinakā'un 'ini nga lūkus; kanāmit 'ini nga 'adūbu sa gata', kanāmit da 'ini nga ginisa.This common cuttlefish is eaten; it is delicious as adobo in coconut milk extract; it is delicious sautéed.gisahunKung ma'īnit na 'ang mantīka' gisahun 'ang bāwang kag kung mapuya na 'ang bāwang 'ibutang naman 'ang sibūyas.When the oil is already hot, the garlic should be sautéed and when the garlic is already brown, the onions should be put in.nagisaKung nagisa na 'ang bāwang kag sibūyas, 'ilus'ug na 'ang karni nga 'īmu dinug'anun.When the garlic and onions have been able to be sautéed, the meat which will be cooked in blood by you will then be added.

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