dakupvSomeone arrests or seizes someone else; someone catches someone else or something.dakpunKung 'ang 'īmu manga manuk hay ma'ila, mahuga' nga dakpun.If your chickens are wild it is difficult that [they] will be caught.gindakupGindakup na 'adtu ninda; hay lumanguy, nagluksu dira' sa pantalan.That one was already arrested by them; [he] swam; jumped [into the water] there at the pier.ginpandakup, ginpinandākupDamu'dāmu' na kunu gāni' 'ang ginpandakup diri na manga tāwu.They say that the people who were all arrested here were very many.madakup1Kung 'ang 'isa nga tag'īya hay gustu magbaligya' ning manuk, madakup 'ini sya kag day'un sa banwa kag 'ibaligya' nya sa gustu magbakay.If the owner likes to sell chickens, she will catch them and bring them to town and sell them to [those who] like to buy.madakup2Ma'āyu pa kung kami 'ang madakup, 'indi' lang 'ang 'āmun tātay kag nānay.It is good if we are the ones who will happen to be arrested, not our father and mother.magdakup1infarresting, to arrest or seizing, to seize someone; catching, to catch someone or something'Imaw 'ina' nga manga lugar 'ang ginakadtu'an nang manga tāwu nga mahīlig magdakup ning dagku' nga manga pispis.Those places are where the many people go who are fond of catching big birds.2vSomeone is arrested or seized by someone else; someone or something is caught by someone.nadakupHay nang nadakup 'adtu, tapus 'ang gyīra.When that one happened to be arrested, the war was finished.nakakadakup'Indi' siya dāpat magkalibug kay kung nagakadtu sinda sa bakūyud kag nakakadakup ning pispis, 'iya gid tanan 'ang karni kag tuy'an.He should not be worried because if they go to the mountain and are frequently able to catch birds the meat and bone are all his.

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