gastusvargastunan expense incurred'Ang manga magūyang nang lyāki, 'imaw 'ina' 'ang nagakalibug nang tanan nga gastus.As for the parents of the boy, those are the ones who worry about the [wedding] expenses.'igastus, gastuhunHālus kunu 'ang niyug hay pulus sira'; hay di'in pa kita 'ini mabu'uy kwarta nga 'igastus sa 'īmu?The coconut palms were almost completely destroyed; so where would we get money that would be spent for you (i.e., for your studies)?Bastanti na 'adtu 'ang kwarta ninda nga gastuhun kay kabarātu da 'ang bayakyun.That money is enough to be spent by them because the purchase items are cheap.'ikagastusNaga'īsip gid 'aku nga 'ang makatāpus hayskul hay ma'āyu pīru nagahambay sinda nga waya' ngāni' kunu sinda kwarta nga 'ikagastus sa 'ākun.I really thought that being able to finish high school would be good but they said that they did not have money that would be able to be spent for me.ginagastusKay Tatay ku ginabu'uy 'ang ginagastus ku sa manga 'intirisādu nga 'unga' mag'iskwīla.From Father was gotten that which is being spent by me for the children who are interested to go to school.magastusvMoney is spent by someone for someone else, for buying something.Kung gustu ka magpaligus, buksan lang; pagbuhī'an mu, masara na 'agud bukun pa magastus sa tūbi' kag 'indi' maglam'aw.If you like to take a bath, you just open [the automatic shut-off tap]; upon being released by you [it] will then close so that [it] will not still consume the water and [the water] will not become stagnant.nagagastuKung nagapamalayi 'ang tiglyaki, 'ang nagagastu sa handa' nang 'inda pamalāyi.When the engaged man's close relatives hold an initial wedding-planning session, [they] are the ones who spend for their initial wedding-planning session.nagaginastuMabinākay ka ning pitsipitsi, gaginastu ka lang.You will keep on buying junk food; you just keep on spending.panggastugastu1pl nexpenses2vSomeone consumes a commodity, spends money for a service, for something.panggastusnspending moneyNaga'īsip naman 'aku nga kung naga'iskuyla na hay naga'īsip na da 'ina' sinda hay taw'an 'aku kwarta pāra nga panggastus ku.I really thought that if I was already studying maybe they will then think that I will be given money so that I will have spending money.

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