'upatcard num adjfour actions, people, pieces of something, situations, things, times, units of measurement'Ini hu 'ang 'upat ku nga 'apu hay 'unga' nang 'adtung 'akun gingpabāhuy nga 'unga'.As for these four grandchildren of mine, [they] are the children of that child who was brought up by me.Paglīgad nang 'upat ka 'ūras, 'isaylu 'ang 'isda' nga 'inasinan sa limpyu nga butāngan nga 'igwa ning takyub.After four hours, transfer the salted fish into a clean container which has a lid.synkwatruFor the use of Romblomanon numbers, see 'isa 1a.21, Cardinal Numberscard numFour are involved in an event or state.card num'ika'upat nga lati' (lati' 1d)The moon is in its fourth quarter.22, Ordinal Numberska'upatnAn event occurs four times.Ka'upat ku na 'ina' na'agihi.Four times already I experienced that.pang'upat, 'ika'upatord numa fourth action, person, situation, thing, time, unit of measurementYadtu kami sa 'ikaduha nga 'iskalun; hay dāpat sa 'ika'upat.We were there on the second floor; it should have been [that we were] on the fourth [floor].'Ining pang'upat nga 'unga' ni Birtu hay nagapamati' gid ma'āyu sa ginahambay nang 'iya lūlu.This fourth child of Berto is listening carefully to what is being said by his grandfather.synkwartu2 purt

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