dalāga1vardarāga1nan unmarried woman beginning at puberty until marriage; usually a young unmarried woman; a spinsterMaswirti 'ang maka'asāwa sa 'unga' ni Dun Lurinsu kay kagwāpa nga dalāga.The one who will be able to marry the daughter of Don Lorenso will be lucky because she is a beautiful unmarried woman.Kung si Pirla hay 'indi' pa maka'asāwa, magagūyang siya nga dalāga.If Perla is no longer able to take a spouse, she will become an old unmarried woman.Hay kami naman 'ina' pagsiling ninda na "Darāga, darāga," ga'iskapar na kami 'ina' sa pampang.As for us, when they said, "Unmarried ladies, unmarried ladies," we already escaped to the cliff.vA girl becomes a young unmarried woman.la'un nga dalāgana spinster, an old maid23, Social Relationshipsmanghud nga dalāgansomeone's younger unmarried sister'Ang 'iya manghud nga dalāga hay ginabakyan si Linda ning bag'u nga bāru'.As for her younger unmarried sister, Linda is having a new dress bought for [her by her younger unmarried sister].23, Social RelationshipsnagpamagdalagaNagpamagdalaga na 'ang 'āmun 'unga' kag nag'idad ning dyis 'anyus 'ang 'āmun kamanghūran.Our children had already each become young unmarried women and our youngest was already ten years old.

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