'idadnsomeone's ageNiridyik 'aku kay lampas na sa 'idad.I was rejected because [I] am already overage.vSomeone reaches the age of a particular number of years.'idad na1na middle-aged person, a middle-aged man or womanKung tyad sa 'ātun nga may manga 'idad na pīru bukun pa gida magūyang, kag ma'abtik pa 'ang 'ātun manga lāwas, maskin 'anu lang nga pagkā'un hay pwīdi, pīru may yāra' man nga pagkā'un nga kuntra.Like us who are middle-aged people but not really old, and our bodies are still active, we can eat all kinds of food, but there are some foods that are also forbidden.May yāra' nga byūda nga babāyi nga 'ang na'a'asāwa liwat hay sultīru nga may 'idad na.There are some widow women in which, as for those who were consistently able to be married a second time [by them, they] were unmarried middle-aged men.'idad na2adjSomeone is old in age.May 'idad na 'aku nga mamūnu' pa nang 'ātun kahari'an.I am old to still lead our kingdom.nag'idadNag'idad ning dyis 'anyus 'ang 'āmun kamanghūran.Our youngest son already reached the age of ten years.naga'idadNang naga'idad 'akuy katursi 'anyus, nasayangan ku nga ginbanta'an 'aku nga gahasā'un nang sultīru.When I was reaching the age of fourteen years, I experienced being threatened in that I was going to be raped by an unmarried man.

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