'ātunposs adj pronour (incl.) person or thing; a person or thing of ours (incl.); our (incl.) doing something.Pre-noun or pre-gerund possessive pronoun. For post-noun or post-gerund possessive pronoun, see nātun 1a.'Ang maguyang ni Rūsa, hay sa 'ātun pudir natabu' 'ang pag'asāwa niya.As for the older sister of Rosa, her marriage took place under our authority.Pinamatī'an nang Dyus sa lāngit 'ang 'ātun pangamūyu' nga kita hay paday'an ning magabūlig sa 'ātun.God in heaven listened to our prayers that we will be sent someone who will help us.cfnātun nātun nātun ta ta ta poss cmt pronSomeone or something is ours (incl.).Occurs in predicate position with possessed item as sentence topic.gen pronSomething is done by us (incl.).Occurs in pre-verb position as a non-topic pronoun.Mas timprānu pa buy'un na 'ang manga nu'ug sa 'aparadur kay 'ātun 'ihālin.[While it] is still very early, get the clothes from the clothes closet now because [they] will be moved by us [to another place].cfnātun ta gen pronsa 'ātun1qfd pronsome of us (incl.)2loc pronSomeone does something for us (incl.), from us (incl.), to us (incl.); someone does something or is in a particular place or state with us (incl.).'Ang 'iya lang ma'ipangāku' sa 'ātun hay ginadiskusyunan 'ini nang 'iya 'unum nga ka'ibāhan, 'isa na siya.What is able to be promised to us by him is that this will be discussed by his six companions, [and] he will be one [of them].

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