bābaw'ibābawvarka'ibabāwanna position above; the top of someone, something, of two or more things piled one on top of the other'Ang 'iya hūni kung nagalupad sa 'ibābaw hay "kwak, kwak, kwak."As for the cry of this [bird] when flying above, [it] is "kwak, kwak, kwak."Pilu'un sa 'ibābaw para 'indi' ma'uyak 'ang bugas.[This basket] should be folded at the top so the unhulled rice will not leak out.Gingbutang ku 'ang 'ākun bāru' sa ka'ibabāwan nang 'īmu pinalantya nga bāru'.My dress was placed by me at the top of the clothes which you ironed.ant'idāyumkapa'ibabawneg vSomeone or something does not go up.'Ang bunut nga ginabutang sa 'ibābaw hay lab'as pa; 'adtung mabirdi pa pāra kung magdāyab hay 'indi' kapa'ibabaw 'ang kalāyu.The coconut husks which are put on top are still fresh; they are still green so that when it flames the fire does not go up.antpa'idāyummabābawadjThe depth of something is shallow; something is in a shallow place.Didtu sa wātir 'irya, hay dāti 'adtu hay may ka'īngin kag kadamū'an didtu hay niyug nga mabābaw lang 'ang gamut.There in the water area, previously, there was an upland field and for the most part there, as for the coconut trees, the roots were shallow.antkadāyum, madāyumkadayumdāyumpa'ibabawgersomeone's or something's going to the top, going up'Ang hagdānan 'ina' hay pūru marmul pa'ibabaw kag 'ang bayay didtu yadtu sa manga kabatuhan.Those house steps were all marble going up and the house was there at the stony area.

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