pātivSomeone agrees with, believes, believes in, follows or trusts someone else, something, a particular teaching.Pāti kamu sa manga pananamgu. Kalukūhan lang 'itun! Kung sa 'ākun lang 'idīya hay kūyang lang 'itun sa palīgus.You believe in dreams. That's foolishness! In my opinion this is the result of infrequent bathing.cfhasta nagasambapagtū'u2sambatū'u2ginapatīhanna beliefMay ginapatīhan kag batāsan sa pag'asāwa.There are beliefs and customs in marrying.cfsambatū'u2magpāti'Indi' 'aku magpāti nga pakasayan mu 'ang 'ākun 'unga'.I do not believe that my daughter will be married by you.makapātiPagkabūkad 'indi' makapāti 'ang hāri' nga 'utud na kamut nang prinsīsa 'ang nakaputus sa panyung burdādu.Upon unwrapping [the handkerchief] the king could not believe that the cut-off hands of the princess were what was wrapped in the embroidered handkerchief.mapapatīhanSa 'isa ka gatus nga balīta' ni Lusit, pila ka bilug 'ang 'īmu mapapatīhan.Out of a hundred stories told by Lucit, the ones that will be truly believed by you are [only] a few.nagapātiNagapāti sinda nga 'ang ma'āyu nga 'ispiritu hay magakadtu sa Ginū'u.They believe that a good spirit [of a person] will go to God.Nagapāti 'aku sa 'ākun manga 'unga', kay ma'āyu da 'ang tudlu' sa 'ākun.I trust my children because the advice to me is good.nagpātiMa'āyu da kay nagpāti da sa 'ākun 'ang 'ākun maguyang; waya' na da nya kadtu'a 'ang 'upirītur.It is good because my older sister agreed with me; the [music] operator [at the dance] was not approached by her.pagpāti1gersomeone's believing or trusting someone, something, a particular teaching'Ang subra nga pagpāti sa manga 'anītu hay malā'in.The excessive believing in superstitions is bad.2vSomeone, something, a particular teaching is believed or trusted by someone else.patīhiimper vSomeone, something, a particular teaching must or should be believed or trusted by someone else.'Ang hambay ni Plurintīna, "Patīhi 'aku kay nagahambay 'aku sa 'īmu ning kamatu'ūran."Florentina said, "I should be believed because I am telling you the truth."

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