tū'ubvA herbalist miyugbūyung administers an astringent vapor medicine to someone else consisting of an astringent such as alum crystals or storax gum.nagatū'ubvSomeone is administered an astringent vapor medicine by someone else.'Ina' 'ang nagatū'ub ning kamangyan kag tāwas sa may sakit, 'ipalībut mu 'ina' ka pitu sa 'iya.When you administer an astringent vapor medicine with storax gum and alum crystals, it should be circled around that [sick] one by you seven times.Gintū'ub ku si Birta ning tāwas kag kamangyan.Bertha was administered an astringent vapor medicine by me with alum crystals and storax gum.Live coals are placed in a half coconut shell and an astringent is sprinkled on top. The herbalist walks around the patient seven times holding the bottom of the shell low down so the smoke will go to the patient. The number seven is a magical number intended to relieve the patient.

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