hūyunvA bird alights on something, in a certain location; a person or animal squats on something, in a particular location.ginahuyūnanSa manga pūnu' nang kāhuy sinda nagahūyun, lālu' na kung may manga būnga 'ang pūnu' nang kāhuy nga 'inda ginahuyūnan.They alight at the base of the trees, especially if there is fruit at the base of the trees where they alight.huyunanna chicken roostNagalumpat 'ang manuk sa huyunan kung nagapamusī'ag na.The chickens jump down from their roosts when it is daybreak.nagahūyunvthe place where birds alight'Ang banug, kung nagahūyun hay sa kadagku' nga manga kāhuy.As for the hawk it alights on big trees.naghūyunNaghūyun 'ang manuk sa huyunan.The chicken alighted on the roost.

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