namanadvat last, finally, really, surely, thenNang nakabāngun naman si Puldu sa lūnang, 'inutruhan naman ni Pidru ning balibag sa lanas.When Puldu was at last able to stand up in the mud, Pedro repeated casting him [this time] into a rice field.Magtūna' nang namatay si Tatay, 'ang 'ākun nanay naman naglūya.Beginning when Father died, my mother really became weak.Pa'unu naman ninda masayūran kung daku' na 'ang tūbi' sa tangki?How will [it] ever be known by them when there is much water in the tank?Pag'abut 'adtu ni Birting diri sa Rumblun hay ginpakadtu naman siya ni 'Angkul Rūki sa 'inda bayay sa Kalību.When Berting arrived here in Romblon he was surely invited to come to Uncle Roque to their house in Calibo.This adjective sometimes underscores what is expressed by the verb. In other contexts it is difficult to capture the meaning in English if, indeed, there is a substantial naman2Something happens or a condition exists again, for the second time,'inutruhanliwat1 liwat2'utru

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