hību'vA particular lotion, medicine, ointment is rubbed on a part of the body by someone.cf'ibanyus'ihību''Ihību' didtu sa parti nang lāwas nga nagahubag 'u may gūyus.This [herbal medicine] should be rubbed on the part of the body which has become swollen or which has suppurating sores.cfbanyusginahību'Kung ginabuyung 'ini nang 'albularyu hay tyad 'ini: nagabu'uy siya ning kapisnguy nga luy'a, ginahību' sa 'agtang, sa kamut, kag sa siki ning pakurus kag 'ang 'albularyu hay nagakutibkutib 'ang 'iya ba'ba' kag nagapinanghuy'ab.When [a soul-inflicted disease] is medically treated by this herbalist it is like this: she gets a piece of ginger, it is rubbed on the forehead, hands, and feet as a cross and as for the herbalist, her mouth murmurs and keeps on yawning.

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