'isacard num adjone action, person, piece of something, situation, thing, time, unit of measurementsyn'ūnucf'adtu nang 'ūna2 taga'iba 'ūna1 'ūnu'ūnuwanwanRomblomanon numbers from one 'isa to ten napūyu' are used in numbering a measurement, object or situation, esp. if it is designated by a Romblomanon word, e.g. 'isa ka dāngaw, 'one hand span.' Numbers of words of Spanish origin are sometimes designated by numbers of Spanish origin, e.g. dus kīlu 'two kilograms.' All numbers from eleven 'unsi up to ninety-nine nubinta 'inuwībi are Spanish.21, Cardinal Numberscard num adj'isa kag 'isaindef proneach otherKāda gab'i 'adtung 'iya nubyu nga taga'iban lugar, nagabisīta sa 'iya; hay nabistu 'ina' niyan nang 'iya tatay, nga daw ma'āyu na sinda sa 'isa kag 'isa.Every night that fiancé of hers from another place was visiting her; this was noticed by her father, that they already had a good relationship with each other.'isa nga buwas2the day after tomorrow'isa nga klāsi (klāsi 2)a kind of somethingbāwat 'isaindef adj deteach person, condition, thing, grouping of something'Gingbutangan nya papil bāwat 'isa nga 'alādin.Each pressure lantern had paper put on [it] by him.Bāwat combines with any number in a similar way: bāwat duha 'every two', bāwat tuyu 'every three', etc.ginka'isahan2an agreementcfginkasugtānan, gingkasugtānanhambayhambay1kasugtānan2 kasugtānan2 kasulatankasundu'2kundisyunkuntrāta nagakuntrātatrātuka'isa1advSomething is done once.Si Dyu hay ka'isa pa lang naka'abut sa Singapore.As for Joe he was able to reach Singapore only once.ka'isa2vTwo or more unite in a given cause, project.kāda 'isaindef proneach one, of a person, condition, thing, grouping of somethingSa 'iba nga pamilya 'ang kāda 'isa hay 'igwa gid ning sarīli ninda nga bāsu.In some families each one has their own glass.Kāda combines with any number in a similar way: kāda duha 'every two', kāda tuyu 'every three', etc.kung ka'isa1sometimessynkung minsan1cfkung 'amat1kung minsan22advSometimes an event occurs or a state exists.Kung ka'isa is sometimes preceded by hay with no change of meaning.Kung ka'isa nagapangawat kami ning sari'sāri' nga manga prūtas.Sometimes we stole many different kinds of fruits.Hay kung ka'isa nagasā'ut 'aku kung may nagasā'ut sa 'ākun.Sometimes I dance a modern dance if there is someone who dances the modern dance with me.synkung 'amat2kung minsan2magka'isaKung kita lang hay magka'isa hay madadāyun 'ini nga tūbi'.If we just unite in this village this water [project] will be able to be continued.pagkaka'isanunity among peopleMay ku'upirasyun kag may pagkaka'isa sa bilug nang baryu nang Lūnus.There is cooperation and there is unity in the whole village of Lonos.pang'isa, 'ika'isa1ord numa first action, person, situation, thing, time, unit of measurementsynpirstprimīru'ūna1 22, Ordinal Numbers2adja certain, given or unnamed person, thing, place; one unspecified day, month, week, year, on a certain day, week, month, year'Isa ka 'adlaw si Magbayūtu nagkadtu sa 'isa ka lugar pāra magbugha' ning barūtu.One day Magbayoto went to a certain place in order to make a small boat.tigtagsa3vartagsa21indef proneach one, one by one'Ining manga 'unga' ni Marya, hay gingtaw'an nang magūyang ning tigtagsa nga kaban.As for these children of Mary, [they] were given a clothes trunk for each one by the old man.2adjSomeone or something is alone.Kalulū'uy 'aku kay 'aku na lang 'ini nga 'isa kung 'umasāwa ka nga dā'an.I am to be pitied because I will be alone if you marry now.3adjthe other or another person, thing, kind of person or thing; some (not all) people, things'Isa is followed by nga or variant na.Suyud kag tumūyug na, kay mabālik na kami ni papa mu sa 'isa nga bayay.Go in and sleep now, because your father and I will go back to the other house.'Ang kahugā'an sa pagpangabuhi' hay 'isa gid nga dahilan nga kung bāsi' 'ang 'isa nga tāwu hay naga'īsip nga magkadtu sa 'iban nga lugar.Hardship in life is one reason why some people consider going to other places.Nagbakay si Pilar ning 'isa na klāsi nang buyung nga ma'āyu sa sagnat.Pilar bought another kind of medicine which is good for fever.cf'iba2

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