sā'utna dance styleA modern dance sā'ut nga mudirn or a folk dance sā'ut nga puk dans.cfbayli nminugsa'utna folk dancer'Ini nga prusisyun hay may manga minugsa'ut nga nagapasīyu pāra magpasāyud sa pumulūyu' nga may pagahiwātun nga paguwa' sa plāsa.During this religious procession there are folk dancers who roam around in order to inform residents that there is a program that will be held in the plaza.nagasā'utHay kung ka'isa nagasā'ut 'aku kung may nagasā'ut sa 'ākun.Sometimes I dance a modern dance if there is someone who dances the modern dance with me.pasā'ut, sā'ut1na dance showKung pyista nang Santu Ninyu kāda būlan nang 'Inīru hay 'igwa manga pasā'ut dira' sa plāsa.During the fiesta of the Holy Infant every month of January there are dance shows there in the public plaza.Pag'abut naman nang katapusan nang pyista 'igwa da gihāpun ning 'ut nga nagakanta da gihāpun dira' sa 'intablādu.At the end of the fiesta, there is again a dance show in which [they] were singing again there on the stage.A dance show involves spectators with performers on stage dancing, singing and engaging in other entertainment activities.cfpabītapagahiwātun2 paguwa'2prugrāma2vSomeone dances a modern dance with a partner.sā'ut nga mudirnna modern dancecfbayli sā'ut nga puk dansna folk dancesumā'utPagkatāpus ta ning 'ihāpun hay kantahan mu kami kag sumā'ut ka.Upon our finishing our supper you sing for us and you dance a modern dance.

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