bāyadnthe buying or selling price of an item of merchandise tinda; the price of a serviceKung 'īmu 'ibaligya' sa minugbākay ning banig, mabakay man pīru 'ang bāyad, hay may 'īban da.When you sell this to a mat buyer, [he] will surely buy [it] but as for the price, there will be a discount.cfbaligya' baligya' kantidad nagakantidadprisyuprisyunbāyad sa kunsultana consultation feebāyad, pagbāyad1nthe payment for something, a service rendered'Ang 'āmun swildu bukun binūlan; pur pidāsu 'ang bāyad sa 'āmun.Our wage was not by the month; the payment to us was by the piece.Sa pagbunut naman may ginasuhūyan da gihāpun; ginatus 'ang pagbāyad.In the husking of coconut fruit, someone will also be paid; the payment is by hundreds.2vSomeone pays for something or for a service.bayārannthe payment for something purchasedKung pūru tigdūha ka kupya kāda 'isa ka tīra, hay masāpit sa syintu saysinta 'utsu 'ang bayāran ku.If there are always two copies for each shot [of pictures taken], my payment will amount to one hundred sixty eight [pesos].binayāranBinayāran 'ang 'inda gastus pagkasay; 'inūli' 'ang manga pabisti.The expenses for the wedding were paid for [and] the wedding wardrobe was returned.ginapabāyadNagbakay si Pilar ning bitamaks; ginapabāyad niya 'ang manga nagasiru'.Pilar bought a video player; those who watch are being caused by her to pay.magbināyadvSomething, a service is paid for by someone.Pāra nga 'indi' ka magbināyad ning daku' nga pursintu kāda būlan, dāpat hay 'īmu gid nga hutuhūtan sa pagbāyad nga dā'an.So that you will not continually pay a high percentage every month, you should be careful to pay at once.pabāyadcaus vSomeone is allowed or is caused by someone to pay for something, a service.pagabayāranimper vSomething must or should be paid for by someone.'Ang kuntrāta ninda hay kung may kasira'an 'ang 'alādin hay pagabayāran nang manidsmint.As for their agreement [it was that] if the pressure lantern has some damage [it] must be paid for by the management.

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