ka2num ligLinks a number or pila 'how many' with a thing or a measure of something.A measure phrase is followed by nga and the noun it quantifies.'Isa ka 'adlaw nakabati' 'ining manga 'unga' ning bagting nang simbāhan.One day these children heard the church bell.'Ang 'isa ka bilug nga kawāyan hay baynti 'ang ma'intik; waya' ka pa ning mabakyan.As for one piece of bamboo, a small one is twenty [pesos]; there is no place for you to buy.num ligFollows a number phrase consisting of a number and adjectives such as pa, lang, pa lang.Nang 'umasāwa na kami, hay tatlu pa lang ka 'adlaw hay naghambay siya nga 'indi' siya gustu na magtinir didtu sa 'āmun bayay.When we married, after only just three days she said that she did not want to stay there in our house.num ligFollows the number adjective pila.'Ari nyan ya' ku pa da masasayūri kung pila ka 'iktarya 'ang 'ākun ning dūta'.As of now, [it] is still not able to be known at all by me how many hectares my land holdings [amounts to].num ligRomblomanon numbers from one to ten are linked with a thing or a measure of something by the ligature ka; eleven and higher are not usually linked by a ligature: 'unsi gantas 'eleven gantas'. Numbers of Spanish origin are not linked by a number ligature: dyis gantas 'ten gantas'.Nagbakay si Ramun ning 'unsi sāga' nga 'isda'.Ramon bought eleven strings of fish.Follows measurements of length, major time segments, volume and weight (see Appendices 18, 19)

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