'itsavSomeone throws something away, tosses or places something in a given location.nag'itsa threw away, tossed, placed something somewhere'i'itsavthe place where something is castPag'abut sa may bi'bi' nang dāgat 'i'itsa mu 'ang batu nga may higut nga naylun.When reaching the beach edge of the ocean, a stone which has a nylon tying line [tied to it] should be cast by you [into the ocean].'itsa, pag'itsagersomeone's placing, throwing away, or tossing of somethingSīgi 'ang 'itsa hasta nga mapunu' 'ang būhu'.Continue the tossing until the holes become full.Pakuyub gihāpun 'ang 'īmu pag'itsa nang bunut pāra ma'apūtan nga dā'an.Your placing of the coconut husks is upside down so that they will be kindled at once.'itsāhanLābut gid 'ang 'itsāhan nang bunut kag lābut 'ang 'itsāhan nang binu'uk nga niyug.The place where the husks will be cast and the place where the whole pieces [of husked coconuts] will be cast are different.gina'itsaGina'itsa sa tapāhan 'ang binu'ak nga niyug.The coconuts which have been broken open are placed onto the smoking rack.mag'itsa1imper vThrow something away! Toss something! Place something somewhere!Mag'itsa sa 'idāyum nang tapāhan ning 'uga nga bunut!Toss the dry coconut husks under the smoking rack!2vSomething is cast away or is tossed or placed onto something or in a given location.

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