la'ayvarla'ay nga niyugna very mature coconut fruitKung ma'ilārag mu na tanan 'ang linghut 'īmu naman 'ilārag 'ang la'ay nga niyug kag 'ang lanus nga pwīdi na malūgit.If all the vegetative clutter is able to be dropped down by you then the very mature coconuts and the fully-mature coconuts that could be made into copra should be dropped down by you.Very mature coconuts are about nine months or more old; the husk is brown in color. They are grated kāyus and squeezed pūga' to extract coconut milk extract gata', used either in cooking coconut flavored vegetables 'ūtan or in making coconut oil lāna nang niyug.cfkaluma'lūma'lāpas2lāpas2līgadlīpas luma'magūyang1magūyang1tāpus

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