dāyum1nthe depth of something'Ang dāyum nang pagkutkut hay manga duha ka dāngaw masigkabū'ak.The depth of the digging is about two hand spans on both sides.n'idāyumvarka'idayūmanna position below; the bottom or underside of someone, something, of two or more things piled one on top of the other; the interior of something; a location deep inside something; a position underneath somethingThe noun following 'idāyum is marked as a possessor by nang: 'idāyum nang kāhuy 'underneath the tree (lit., the tree's underneath part'), 'idāyum nang dūta' 'the earth's interior.'Sa 'idāyum, 'ang plastāda pagbutang nang niyug hay ginalīkid patindug.At the bottom [of the pile of coconut pieces], the position in placing the coconut [pieces] is placing them standing on edge.'Ang 'ini balayan, hay kulur 'itum sa 'ibābaw kag puti' sa 'idāyum.As for this empty shell, the color is black on top and white on the underside.'Ini 'ang māpa nga sīhi' hay bihīra' mu 'ini makikīta' kay gasuksuk gid 'ini sa ka'idayūman nang manga batu.As for this map cowry mollusk, [it] is rare that [they] will be seen by you because these go to the bottom of the stones.Ginpamati'an ku 'ina' niyan ma'āyu kay daw 'igwa gid 'aku may nababati'an, nga gahinambay sa 'idāyum nang bayay.I listened carefully to that now because it seems there was really someone who was able to be clearly heard by me, who keeps on talking underneath (lit., in a position underneath) the house.Buy'un 'ang maputi' nga yadtu sa 'idāyum nang mata kag pagkatāpus butangan ning katumbay.Get out the white [substance] from the interior of the [chicken's] eye and afterwards put in ripe pepper.'Ini nga sīhi', kung yadtu sa 'idāyum nang dāgat, hay 'indi' mu makilāya ma'āyu.As for those shells, if [they are] in a location deep inside the sea, it is hard for you to clearly recognize them.ant'ibābawkadāyumadjsomeone's deep or sound sleep'Isa ka hanāgub na nang gab'i si Nunīta hay nakamangnu sa 'iya kadāyum nga pagkatūyug.One late evening Nonita happened to wake up from her sound sleep.cftislubkadāyum, madāyumadjSomething is deep, in a deep place.Kung midyu madāyum 'ang pagluta' nang 'isda' ginabūsu 'ina' ninda.If the swimming in schools of the fish is moderately deep, they dive for them.'Ini 'ang say'ut nga sīhi', yadtu 'ini sinda sa kadāyum makikīta'.As for fluted giant clam mollusks, they can be found in the deep [ocean].antmabābawkadayumdāyumint adjSomething is very deep, in a very deep place.'Indi' na lang 'aku, nanay, magsuyud kay kadayumdāyum; mamamatay na lang 'aku dira'.Mother, I will no longer go inside [the cave] because it is very deep; I would die there.antmabābawcftislubpa'idayumgersomeone's or something's going down, to the bottom of or inside something elseKung 'īmu 'ini tuslukun ning sundang, hay ga'uslup nga dā'an pa'idayum kag 'indi' mu na makīta'.When [jackknife clam mollusks] are stabbed by you with a cutting bolo, they retract immediately going inside [their shells] and you cannot see them [anymore].antpa'ibābaw

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