kandidātana female contestant, as in a beauty pageantNang magpyista sa 'inda baryu, 'isa siya nga napīli' nga kandidāta.When it was fiesta time at their village, she was one who happened to be chosen as contestant.cfkalābanlabanlābanvSomeone competes as a contestant.nagkandidāta competed as a contestantpagkandidātagersomeone's competing as a contestant'Adtu nga pagkandidāta niya bukun ning pagwapagwāpa, kundi' sa kwarta sinda magalāban; kung sin'u 'ang daku' kwarta, siya 'ang rayna.As for her competing as a contestant, [it is] not for superior beauty but [it is] for money that they will compete against [their opponents]; whoever is the one who has lots of money, she will be the queen.cflāban

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