kantunthe interior or exterior corner or edge of an object'Ibutang ku 'ang bāsu sa kantu nang lamīsa.The glass will be placed by me at the edge of the table.cf'alīhid'alīhid'alīhid'alīhidbaybay bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'pīliwpīliwpīliwpīliwtākastūnga'tūnga'tūnga'tunga' tunga' tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'kakantukantūhanna precise corner or edge of an objectAng 'inda pwistu hay sa kakantukantūhan gid.As for their location, it was at the very precise corner.cf'alīhidbi'bi'pīliwtūnga'tunga'tūnga'

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