baligya'nthe selling price of an item of merchandise tindaPila 'ina' 'ang 'īmu baligya'?How much is that selling price of yours?cfbāyad bāyad kantidad nagakantidadprisyuprisyuvSomeone sells an item of merchandise tinda.'ibaligya'Pabahūyun 'ānay ni Rubin ya 'ang bābuy kag 'ibaligya' niya kung kabahuy na.Ruben will first let the pig grow up and it will be sold by him when it is already big.cftindabaligyā'unngoods for sale'Ang manga baligyā'un nang 'ūna, hay manintimus 'ang kantidad.As for goods for sale previously, the price was by centavos.binaligya', gingbaligya', ginbaligya'Nang dūgay na binaligya' na ninda 'ang syap kay sinubhan na da.After a long time their shop was sold by them because they were tired [of managing it].Gingbaligya' ku 'ang dūta' nga gingsubli' ku sa 'ākun tatay.The land holding which I inherited from my father was sold by me.magbaligya'1infto sell somethingKung 'ang 'isa nga tag'īya nang manuk hay gustu magbaligya' ning manuk, madakup 'ini sya ning manuk kag day'un sa banwa kag 'ibaligya' nya sa gustu magbakay.If a chicken farmer wants to sell chickens, she catches the chickens and brings them to town and sells them to those who wish to buy.2vAn item is sold by someone.makabaligya'imper vSell something! Someone must or should sell something!Kung sinda hay makabaligya' ning 'isda', 'igwa na sinda ning pangbākay ning sigarilyu.If they are able to sell fish, they will have something for buying cigarettes.Sīgi na! Baligya' na sīhi'!Go ahead! Sell fish now!nagabaligya''Ang rigatunīra hay nagabaligya' ning 'isda' kāda 'adlaw.Female fish vendors sell fish every day.

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