kuntrātanan agreement about the use of things borrowed or rented; a contract about implementing a work project'Ang kuntrāta ninda hay kung may kasira'an 'ang 'alādin hay pagabayāran nang manidsmint.As for their agreement [it was that] if the pressure lantern has some damage [it] should be paid for by the management.cfginka'isahan1ginka'isahan2ginkasugtānan, gingkasugtānanhambayhambay1kasugtānan2 kasugtānan2 kasulatankasundu'2kundisyuntrātuvSomeone makes an agreement about the use of things borrowed or rented; someone makes a contract with someone else about implementing a work project.nagakuntrātaPagkablūki na 'ibaligya' naman sa nagakuntrāta ning batu kag day'un naman sa manga kātir pāra mahuman nga marmul 'islabs.After [the marble] is already in blocks, [they] are sold to the ones who make contracts about marble blocks and are taken to various marble factories so that [they] will be made into marble slabs.cfginka'isahan2kasugtānan2

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