ByarnisvarByirnisnFriday'Indi' si Līlay kakatūyug kay Byarnis na; ma'abut na 'ang Sursugun; malarga na siya.Lilay cannot sleep because it is already Friday; the [ship named] Sorsogon will arrive now; she will leave.'adlaw nang Byirnisadvon a FridayKung 'adlaw nang Byirnis kung 'āga pa 'ang bapur nagalaktud na lang 'aku sa bakūyud.When [it is] on a Friday if the ship is early I just take a shortcut over the mountain [to save time reaching the ship].Byarnis SantuvarByirnis SantunGood FridayKung Byarnis Santu 'igwa ning prusisyun. Ginaprusisyun 'ang ribultu ni Hisus nga nagapas'an ning krus.When it is Good Friday there is a procession. They carry in procession around the town an image of Jesus carrying the cross.

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