lībutvSomeone goes around a given area or an object.ipalībutkalibūtan2the earthnagalībutNang kami hay galībut pabanwa, na'una 'ang San Pidru sa simbāhan.When we were going around towards town, the saint Peter [image] was the one that was the first to be in the church.naglībutNaglībut 'ānay 'aku ka pitu didtu sa pūnu' nang kāhuy, kag 'imaw na 'adtu 'ākun ginbagting 'adtu 'ang takyub nang kaldīru.I went around seven times at the base of the tree and that's when the lid of the metal pot was rung by me.palībut1gersomeone's or something's going around an area or objectGatūna' na 'ang prusisyun palībut sa banwa hasta makaluwas tanan 'ang manga tāwu sa simbāhan.The procession begins going around town until all the people in the church are able to go outside.palībut2caus vSomething has an elongated object placed around it by someone.palībut3nthe perimeter of an object, an areaMay 'anītu da nga kung nasayūran mu nga 'ang 'īmu kalāpit hay nagakamātay na 'ang manuk nga 'alīla' niya, 'ang 'īmu kunu humanun hay palibūtan mu ning huwag 'ang palībut nang 'īmu bayay.There is a belief that when it is known by you that, as for your neighbor, his cared-for chickens are dying, what should be done by you is that the perimeter of your house should have huwag vine placed around it by you.palibūtanPalibūtan mu ning huwag 'ang palībut nang 'īmu bayay.The perimeter of your house should have huwag vine placed around [it] by you.

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