pirstvarpirsord numfirst honor, first year of high school or college, first-place winner in a contest or in gamblingIn the Philippines secondary school (high school) years are first year pirst yir, second year sīkund yir, third year tird yir, and fourth year purt yir. Traditionally secondary school years were referred to as primīru 'anyu first year, sigundu 'anyu second year, tirsīru 'anyu third year and kwatru 'anyu fourth year. Generally these designations are no longer used. The designation pirs is used mainly by older speakers and those with a more traditional orientation.synpang'isa, 'ika'isa pang'isa, 'ipa'isapang'isa, 'ipa'isaprimīra, primīruprimīruprimīru'ūna1 'ūna1 'ūna1 22, Ordinal Numbers

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