ginhāwansomeone's physical conditionNaglā'in 'ang ginhāwa ni Marya kay naghīlab 'ang 'iya syuksyuk.Mary's physical condition became bad because her stomach was suffering stomach pain.cfginapamatyaganpamātipamāti'2pamatyag2pamatyag2nsomeone's breathingPa'unu maglā'in 'ang ginhāwa ku nga waya' gāni' nagasakit 'ang 'ākun tiyan?How is it that my breathing became bad when there is no pain in my abdomen?vSomeone breathes.bu'uy ning ginhāwavSomeone faints, loses consciousness (lit., has breathing taken).synbu'uy 'animuhimatay2mabuy'an 'animumahimatayginpaginhāwaGinpaginhāwa ning madāyum ni Duktur Marsīlu si Kardu.Cardo was caused by Doctor Marcello to breathe deeply.nabuy'an ning ginhāwaNabuy'an si Pitra ning ginhāwa kay bumaliskad siya pa'ubus.Petra lost consciousness because she fell down backwards.synbu'uy 'animuhimatay2nagaginhawaBuhi' pa si Lūla kay nagaginhawa pa.Grandmother is still alive because she is still breathing.paginhāwacaus vSomeone is caused by someone else to breathe.

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